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We just finished the extended run of our award-winning production of Ryan J-W Smith‘s Love Labours Won on Hollywood Theatre Row…

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“…a thrill hearing Smith’s verse, a reminder that the old forms still hold up under new hands. A good time, to be sure.”

Noah J Nelson

Critic, Turnstyle News

Ryan J-W Smith is a world-renown British poet, playwright, director, producer, actor and filmmaker. He has written 4 critically acclaimed plays in rhyming iambic verse, over 1285 (and counting) Shakespearean Sonnets, was nominated for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award and is currently completing his debut feature documentary  ‘2plus2makes4‘ starring himself, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Ed Asner, Tony-nominated Daniel Sunjata, Professor Noam Chomsky and the late Emmy-nominated Gore Vidal. Smith’s previous films have received over 25 film festival selections, nominations and wins.

Carol Vandergrift as ‘Julia’ and Cameran Surles as ‘Katherine’

The 2015 cast of Love Labours Won

Ryan J-W Smith‘s


Winner of 2 Hollywood Fringe Awards!

It’s been quite a festival!

Written, directed by and starring, Ryan J-W Smith, Love Labours Won not only won the Hollywood Fringe Festival’s highly coveted International Award…

Ryan J-W Smith receiving The International Award
at the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Awards Ceremony (photo: Matt Kamimura)

Love Labours Won also won…

We subsequently extended the U.S. premiere through August 6.

Love Labours Won is an original, comedic Shakespearean pastiche written entirely in Shakespearean-style rhyming iambic verse by acclaimed British playwright, Ryan J-W Smith. It is one of the most acclaimed plays ever to come out of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It was ‘Pick of the Fringe’  two years running; garnered multiple 4 and 5 star reviews, an Arts Council England award, and played to packed houses.

What’s next? Watch this space… :)

Ryan J-W Smith as ‘Duke Caesus’

L.A. City Council Member, Mitch O’Farrell (right) congratulates Ryan J-W Smith (left) on bringing Love Labours Won to Hollywood Theatre Row

Audience Reviews – Hollywood Fringe 2015

Special Thanks

Rogue Shakespeare® offers enormous thanks to Culver City Public Theatre for their kind and generous support of this production.

Reviews for the returning production of Love Labours Won at the  2007 Edinburgh Fringe



“I don’t make a practice of going to see a Fringe show two years running. Was it worth sacrificing one of my slots? It was.”

British Theatre Guide


“Smith – master of the iambic pentameter, cleverly matches Shakespeare at his own game”



“A corker of a production!

With the fiercely talent Smith at the helm, expect to hear loads about this company in the future.”

UK Theatre Network


“still excellent…Smith has done an astonishing job

Shakespeare would thoroughly approve of this company’s skill and vaulting ambition”

Broadway Baby


Smith is to my point of view far better than anything that came out of Stratford. It’s easy to see why is was so critically acclaimed last year.”


Fringe Promoter of the Year 2007 – Ryan J-W Smith

The Observer

Reviews from the world premiere of Love Labours Won at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe



“the best Shakespearean comedy not written by Shakespeare – this is unmissable!”

3 Weeks


“there are not many Fringe productions pulling the size of audience this is’”

British Theatre Guide


“Smith is one to watch”

Fringe Review

“The brilliant wit of Ryan J-W Smith”

Art'icle Magazine


“Go see it and watch great theatre in action.”

UK Theatre Network - Doug McFarlane


“This Shakespearean-style verse comedy is pacy and well performed”



“a mesmerizing work from a young writer whose career we should follow very closely”


“brilliantly pacy, well-balanced and intriguing… bravo Ryan!”

The Dewsbury Reporter

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