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From the critically-acclaimed quill of poet-playwright, Ryan J-W Smith, Hollywood Fringe International Award Winner of 2015 & 2016, comes a new, original verse comedy exploring the tragicomic history of the famous English actress/courtesan, Nell Gwynne, who became a famed mistress of the scandalous British monarch, King Charles II. Like all of Smith’s plays, Pretty, Witty Nell is written entirely in rhyming iambic pentameter. This production will be the subject of an on-going documentary on Smith’s plays.
HOLLYWOOD FRINGE – non-Equity actors only
We are currently looking for phenomenal actors based in LA to play the lead roles in Pretty, Witty Nell at the Hollywood Fringe in June. Rehearsals will commence from mid-May. Actors should be experienced in verse theatre, enjoy irreverent, slap-stick/physical comedy, and be exceptionally quick at learning lines. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Hollywood Fringe and the limited popularity of theatre in L.A., this production is unpaid. However, we hope and expect the success of this fringe run to launch future paid runs in other international cities where theatre is more popular.



Lead Role, Female, 18-34, Cockney Accent

High comedy skills required.


Lead Role, Male, 18-50, English

This is a very physical multi-part role. The part requires almost continual changes of costume. Lots of energy and scene-stealing fun for the right actor.

Actors wishing to be considered should LEARN OFF-BOOK the relevant parts – both speeches, ‘Orange Wench’ and ‘Nell’, for Females; ‘Director’, for males.
Once you are comfortably off-book, submit a self-tape via Vimeo only. DO NOT SUBMIT VIA ANY OTHER PLATFORM. Youtube, wetransfer, etc will NOT BE ACCEPTED. VIMEO ONLY THANK YOU.
Submit your Vimeo link along with links to your online profiles and cover letter using the contact form below only. Contact via other mediums will be ignored.

Pretty, Witty Nell - audition sides

Director’s notes: please make big, Monty Python-esque comedy choices. I’d rather see a ‘wrong’ choice done proudly with full commitment, than a ‘right’ choice performed by a timid mouse. Be big, bold and have fun!

CASTING DIRECTOR’S NOTES: When filming your self-tape – make sure we can see your whole body. We do not want to see a close up of someone reading the script off their computer screen while filming using the computer camera. Stand well back from the camera so we can see your entire body, and record a genuine theatre audition. Thank you! 🙂

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